All raun sofas are hand built after old craftsman virtues. Today, raun is the intelligent sofa choice, because we are constantly working on making our design, quality and price come together. Our production is based on sustainable processes and applicable certifications, while raun also takes the lead in a number of areas of social responsibility.

With a wide variety of sofa designs, sizes and upholstery fabrics, we give our customers more than 1500 unique options. Individuals, families and workplaces alike are able to use rauns sofas to emphasise a personal style and substantiate the feeling of well-being. All rauns sofas are designed according to international standards, and we use only the highest material qualities so we can provide the best product guarantees in the market.

At raun we are dedicated to the sofa, which is the most important furniture in a home, in our opinion. We are all sofa specialists and have designed classic and sophisticated sofas with high comfort and consistent quality since 1997.