Sofadesign at Stockholm Furniture Fair

Panorama is designed by the Danish furniture designer Stine Prang, who in recent years has distinguished herself in the sofa design industry.

About the design she says: “Panorama is designed with a focus on the interaction between contrasts and flow. In contrast, I have worked with form and color, and flow of the sofa created by the various heights and depths. Thus, the sofa can easily adapted to the unique space, for an individual or for a large family.

“Panorama is a modular sofa with the possibility of a personal design. The combinations are endless. There is a focus on the contrast between the tight exterior and soft interior.

Stine Prang explains: “With this design I have taken the couch” back to basics “. The sofa becomes a gathering place in the home, and invites coziness. The modules go in and out between each other and create an exciting flow, and becomes a kind of controlled chaos with room to tinker and be .. yourself.

*Scandinavian simplicity with a relaxed and elegant rounded look.