Stouby buys 100% of the controlling interest in Raun A/S

Stouby buys 100% of the controlling interest in Raun A/S from Hanssen Equity A / S in Daugaard at Vejle. The acquisition took place on 04.01.2014.

The acquisition of Raun A/S is an addition in Stouby’s strategy regarding organic growth and ongoing acquisitions.
“We want growth in the markets we operate in, and the acquisition of Raun A/S can help us with that. Stouby needs greater market shares, both at home and abroad, and the products that comes with Raun A/S, will help Stouby forward in this process”, says Carsten Mortensen, owner of Stouby.

Raun A/S is a sister company of Stouby Furniture A/S

Stouby and Raun continues as two separate affiliates, which well compliments each other well on the product page and provides synergy in daily operations. Stouby Furniture A/S has two product collections, a classic collection and a contemporary collection with clean lines and edges. Raun has some interesting products with a casual style that caters to a different consumers, therefore the two companies continue as separate companies and independent brands. Raun A/S will be controlled from Stouby’s address in Løsning, Denmark and we will of course benefit from the synergies of joint operation. Raun A/S, will continue without its own stores and the products will be sold via existing and new distributors, at home and abroad.

“Showing good operating benefits, allowing for optimization in both companies, which we expect in the coming years, resulting in improved top and bottom line results for both companies, in line with the positive trend we have seen in Stouby Furniture over the last 4 years “, says Carsten Mortensen.

Stoubys history and current figures.

Stouby was founded in 1902 in the village Stouby and is now 111 years old. Stouby has produced classic – and modern design furniture sold to retail and corporate market through its own salespeople and agents at home – and abroad. The company has for many years been family owned, but is now owned by Carsten Mortensen, who bought the company  4 years ago. Loyal and faithful employees have been producing quality furniture for many years and the company has an average seniority of over 20 years, which in itself is a mark of quality. There has been launched many new products over the last years and Stouby is experiencing a growing interest in these products and therefore has intensified activities for export markets. Stouby bought in late 2013 HJ Furniture A / S in Skanderborg, which is now integrated into Stouby’s production in Solution.

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